Elgin Fastener Now Offers MAThread Fasteners

Elgin Fastener now has the capability to offer its customers MAThread and MATpoint threaded fasteners.

Elgin Fastener Group (EFG), headquartered in Versailles, IN, has acquired licensing to produce MAThread and MATpoint threaded fasteners. Joe Hertz, EFG Vice President/Sales, states, “Our range of manufacturing continues to expand. The 2011 acquisitions of Silo Fasteners and Landreth Fastener were designed to accelerate EFG’s growth in the construction and appliance markets, and the addition of MAThread capabilities will enable us to make new inroads in the production of automotive and truck industry applications.”

The patented thread design of MAThread and MATpoint prevent virtually all threaded fasteners from cross threading and/or jamming during installation. Their unique ability to prevent fastener jamming while improving ergonomics have enabled MAThread fasteners to become the preferred standard screw for industries ranging from automotive to furniture, construction, heavy-duty engines, and earth-moving equipment.