Vesconite Bearings

Cleveland, Johannesburg 2022

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PO Box 40647
Cleveland, Johannesburg 2022
Phone:+27 11 616 11 11

Founded in 1958 by the present chairman, a chemical engineer, as a precision engineering and engine reconditioning workshop. A hard chrome plating plant was added shortly thereafter, specialising in the chroming of crankshaft journals. Located in Virginia a gold mining town in the heart of the Free State goldfields of South Africa. Originally registered as Virginia Engineering Services (Pty) Ltd, abbreviated as Vesco, hence the name VescoPlastics for the engineering plastics division started in 1968 to complement the company's engineering activities. VescoPlastics is the oldest operating manufacturer of engineering plastics materials in Africa.

The development of Vesconite started in 1968 in an attempt to find a bearing material suitable for use in the surrounding ultra deep mines - mines that extract gold up to 3.5 km (2.2 miles) below the surface, with exceptionally harsh conditions.

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