Vesconite Bearings Vesconite Hilube Advanced Polymer

The Vesconite Hilube advanced polymer bushing material from Vesconite Bearings is self-lubricating, helping reduce lubrication costs and maintenance time.

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Vesconite Bearings offers its Vesconite Hilube advanced polymer as an alternative to traditional metallic bushing materials.

  • For use in loaders, dozers, excavators, graders and other pieces of heavy machinery
  • Self-lubricating and excels in wet, dirty conditions
  • Does not swell, delaminate or deform
  • Offers 10 times the wear life of bronze
  • Can be used continuously up to 212 F in dry applications
  • Helps reduce maintenance and lubricant costs, and thus down time
  • Well suited for applications with high loads and low speeds, or anywhere lubrication is difficult or undesirable
  • Commonly used in articulating axles and suspensions, dipper and link arms, hydraulic ram guides and boom levers
  • Can be used for pedals, control levers and other small parts
  • Easily machined with tolerances of +0.012 in./-0.000 in.
  • Hollow bar, solid rod and plate stock shapes are available in a broad range of dimensions and thicknesses 
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