Series GN 351 Vibration Isolation Mounts

J.W. Winco has introduced cylindrical type vibration isolation mounts in metric sizes.

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J.W. Winco, Inc., a supplier of standard industrial machine components, announced its offering series GN 351 Vibration Isolation Mounts, Cylindrical Type in metric sizes. The vibration mounts are suitable for the elastic mounting of machine units such as motors, compressors and pumps.

  • RoHS compliant
  • Resilience and broad range of sizes and dimensions allow use in many applications
  • Available with two tapped holes, with one tapped hole and one threaded stud, or with two threaded studs
  • Features a body made of natural rubber (NR), vulcanized, 55 durometer with a shore hardness of +/-5 degrees
  • Includes a steel cover plate and tapped inserts (or thredded studs) that are zinc plated, blue passivated and molded in
  • Available with 40 and 70 durometer natural rubber material  
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