Pitman Arm Levers

The Pitman Arm from Powers and Sons acts as a lever for converting rotary motion and is customizable for specific applications.

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Powers and Sons, LLC, has been a global supplier of custom Pitman Arms for over 78 years. Pitman arms are customizable to specific applications.

  • Acts as lever, converting rotary motion of steering gear sector shaft into linear motion for steering linkage
  • Custom designs are available to fit your applications and loading
  • Durability provided by high strength steel forging materials
  • Feautres pinch bolt, straight and tapered spline attachments to gear
  • Tapered hole or ball joint is housed in arm for steering attachments
  • Includes EIT designed and tested seals on ball joint designs
  • Steel bearing ball joints improve durability
  • Features induction harden ball studs for greater strength 
  • 100% magnafluxed after heat treatment to insure against longitudinal cracks
  • 100% Brinnel checked for hardness
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