GN 5337.3 Series Plastic Safety Lobed Knobs

J.W. Winco introduces its GN 5337.3 series Plastic Safety Lobed Knobs with a Steel Tapped Insert.

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J. W. Winco Inc. announces it has expanded its offerings to include GN 5337.3 series plastic Safety Lobed Knobs with a Steel Tapped Insert. The tapped insert, screw and spring are made of steel in a black oxide finish, and the molded-in inlay is zinc die-cast. 

  • Available in metric and inch sizes
  • RoHS compliant
  • Features special glass fiber-reinforced technopolymer plastic with black matte finish construction 
  • Temperature resistant to 130 C (355 F)
  • For applications where any unintended loosening of knob may lead to accidents
  • Not engaged with tapped insert in non-operative mode so it may be turned easily
  • Engages with insert for tightened or loosened after axial pushing of knob
  • After release, serrations disengage by means of a spring
  • Provides aesthetic appearance and higher torque capabilities via five lobe design 
  • Resistant to solvents, oils, grease, and other chemical agents
  • Versions with stainless steel inserts or with colored cover caps are available upon request
  • Other modifications, such as cross holes, set screw holes, and threaded studs, are also available
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