Biodegradable Open Gear Lubricant

Bel-Ray's Biodegradable Open Gear Lubricant is well suited for use in mining equipment such as walking draglines and electric rope shovels.

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Bel-Ray introduces its Biodegradable Open Gear Lubricant for mining operations.

  • Biodegradable and semi-fluid
  • Applications include use for walking draglines and electric rope shovels
  • Composition based on proprietary renewable base fluids and polymers
  • Includes extreme pressure, anti-wear and other task-specific additives 
  • Helps increase component life and reduce unscheduled downtime and lost production 
  • Over 60% biodegradable in 28 days with negligible environmental residue
  • Provides multiservice functionality by providing protection in a wide range of applications
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