EP-2 Multi-Purpose Grease

Prolong Super Lubricants' EP-2 Multi-Purpose Grease features the company's Anti-Friction Metal Treatment technology which reduces heat and friction.

Prolong Ep2 Industrial Grease 11542342

To protect industrial equipment from wear and corrosion, Prolong Super Lubricants offers EP-2 Multi-Purpose Grease, a calcium sulfonate grease offering corrosion protection, a high dropping point and mechanical stability.

  • Formulated with AFMT (Anti-Friction Metal Treatment) technology which reduces heat and friction in harsh, demanding environments
  • Provides resistance to water and oxidation, high load carrying ability and superior performance in a wide temperature range
  • Increases longevity of bearings in bulldozers, conveyor lines and cables for reduced downtime and maximum productivity
  • Clings well while lubricating over a wide temperature range to ease friction
  • Compatible for use where traditional silicone-based grease is used, but does not contain heavy metals or additives such as phosphorous, zinc or lead
  • Available in 35-pound pails and 120- and 400-pound drums
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