Harting Han B IP67 Bulkhead Mounted Housings

Harting introduces its Han B IP67 bulkhead mounted housing offering IP66 and IP67 protection, allowing for full immersion in water.

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Harting’s Han B IP67 bulkhead mounted housings offer an alternative to IP65 rated connectors.

  • Provides IP66 and IP67 protection
  • In locked state, housing’s protection allows for temporary, full immersion in water as compared with the IP65 rated housing which is only hose proof
  • Special flange protects gasket seal, preventing water from penetrating connector
  • Circumferential collar also prevents seal from sliding inwards or outwards
  • Seal stability provides additional protection against water ingress
  • Features Han-Easy Lock locking system for high contact pressure
  • Compatible with all standard Han hoods and housings, and can be configured with any Han insert or module
  • Comes in sizes 6B, 10B, 16B and 24B that fit the same standard cut-out dimensions for the existing Han housing portfolio
  • Well suited for applications in extreme conditions like construction cranes


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