TriMark 550-0100 Compact Style Power Lock Actuator

The TriMark Power Lock Actuator includes a clutch mechanism for soft starts/stops and can be manually overridden with a key.

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Trimarklo 10108220

TriMark’s 550-0100 Power Lock Actuator features a patent-pending clutch mechanism for soft starts/stops and also allows for manual override with a key.

  • Tested and validated to meet stringent requirements, ensuring a long life of trouble-free operation
  • Reliable and durable to high cycle counts in various environmental extremes
  • Features standard case configuration so it can be retrofitted to other common compact style actuators
  • Motor is equipped with 12V thermal protection for excessive heating due to extreme usage such as rapid, frequent operations or sustained activation which can cause premature motor failing or motor seizing
  • Standard motor varistor is available for transient emission control (electromagnetic interference) to limit electrical spikes associated to environmental interference
  • Multiple wiring options available with possible customization including special connectors and custom wire lengths
  • Designed for TriMark handles and latches designed to perform a push/pull function
  • Easy to install either by integrating mounting directly into available latches and paddles or with universal hardware parts for flexibility
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