Stainless Steel Swinghandle

Stainlesssteelswinghandle 10057247
DIRAK, expands its swinghandles to include a flush design stainless steel swinghandle for applications where corrosion resistance is important.
  • Internal components of the swinghandle are protected by a stainless steel, screw-on cap
  • Locking cylinder is protected by a stainless steel dust cover to prevent dirt, moisture and other elements from damaging the locking mechanism
  • Can be used with 3-point latching systems for larger enclosure doors
  • Meets IP65 standards for water and dust resistance
  • Flush design and tight gap between the handle and its housing offers protection from the threat of vandalism
  • Pry points have been minimized
  • Flushness makes it difficult to use as a climbing aid
  • Secured by a force fit, hook-catch combination to relieve the strain on the cylinder's locking cam
  • Slam-to-close function allows handle to be pushed closed in the open position, as well as when the key is removed
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