Stainless Steel Compression Latches

DIRAK offers two stainless steel, low-profile, quarter-turn latches.

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DIRAK has extended its product offering to include two stainless steel quarter-turn latches which offer compression in a low-profile design. The door is locked and secured with a 180-degree turn. The first 90-degree turn secures the door closed. The second 90-degree turn compresses the gasket.

  • 7-078 fixed cam latch and 7-079 adjustable cam latch
  • Both latches are water and dust-tight according to IP65 and DIN EN 60529
  • Left and right hand versions available
  • Ideal for any indoor or outdoor application that requires compression for environmental sealing, reduction of noise and/or rattling due to vibration and low protrusion
  • Colored locked and unlocked indicators on the face of the latches 
  • Both latches offer up to 6 mm of compression
  • Both latches can be used with variable door thicknesses of 0.8 to 22 mm
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