JW Winco GN 115.9 Latches with Safety Function

The JW Winco GN 115.9 Latches with Safety Function features a push-to-turn safety function and beveled edges to make closing doors easy.

Jw Winco Latchwith Safety Function
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JW Winco Inc., A Ganter Company, has available GN 115.9 Latches with Safety Function, Zinc Die Casting, Operation with Key, not Lockable.

  • RoHS compliant
  • Features push-to-turn safety function
  • In the two end positions, the lock secures the spindle in place
  • Device can be turned 90 degrees only when operating element is pressed down, which releases the safety pin from locked position, protecting lock reliably from moving on its own or as result of vibrations
  • Beveled edges on lock make closing doors easy
  • Includes 15 different offsets which allow latch distance A to be set between 4 and 32 mm (0.16 and 1.26 in.)
  • Lock housing is zinc die cast with zinc plated finish
  • Locating ring is plastic coated black with textured finish
  • All other parts are steel zinc plated, with blue passivated finish
  • Delivered with lock enclosed separately
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