JW Winco GN 761 Series Toggle Latches

JW Winco’s GN 761 series toggle latches are designed with holding forces of 225 lbf.

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JW Winco
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JW WincoGN 761 series toggle switches offer a latching solution for applications in the medium weight range.

  • Made of zinc plated steel or stainless steel
  • Designed with holding forces of 225 lbf (1,000 N), 450 lbf (2,000 N) and 674 lbf (3,000 N)
  • Supplied with loop-shaped or T-shaped latch bolt
  • Suited for use with flaps, lids, covers or hoods which must be closed quickly, easily and reliably
  • Can be secured with padlocks
  • Thread on the latch bolt allows for simple adjustment of the travel distance to ensure precise actuation of the lever
  • Optional designs with customized dimensions, shapes and features are available
  • GN 761.1 model features safety hook integrated into the body which automatically latches into the actuating lever at the end of the closing movement
  • Can only be opened after unlocking the safety hook
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