Bel-Ray Synthetic Gear Oil OEM-Approved for Use in Electric Wheel Motors

Bel-Ray's Synthetic Gear oil has received OEM approval from Komatsu for use in electric wheel motors due to features such as wear protection and thermal stability.

Bel Ray 66960 Gear Oil Family
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Bel-Ray Synthetic Gear Oil 680 has received OEM approval from Komatsu, one of the world's largest manufacturers of construction and mining equipment. This high performance, fully synthetic hydrocarbon and ester combination oil is authorized for use in General Electric GDY85, GDY106 and GDY108 electric wheel motors.

Ideal for applications such as mobile equipment electric wheel motors and planetary transmissions found on electric mining shovels, this enclosed gear lubricant also carries General Electric OEM approval for general wheel motor usage with both AC and DC units.

Boasting an exceptional performance history with a variety of mining and construction equipment, Bel-Ray Synthetic Gear Oil 680 features these valuable attributes:

  • Extreme Pressure Properties - Outstanding anti-wear and extreme pressure capabilities provide a superior level of gear and bearing protection, under both normal and high load conditions, as proven with field evaluations*.
  • Micropitting Prevention - Often considered the root cause of premature gear failures, micropitting begins in the early stages of gear life and quickly progresses to macropitting. By preventing micropitting from the beginning, Bel-Ray Synthetic Gear Oil eliminates untimely gear failure and extends equipment life.
  • Thermal Stability - Demonstrating excellent viscosity-temperature properties, this oil will not break down at elevated operating temperatures, providing an excellent lubricant film and preventing the formation of undesired sludge and varnish.
  • Excellent Filterability - This oil is highly filterable ? to the 10-micron level recommended by Komatsu ? and promotes maximum lubricant effectiveness by eliminating contamination-related wear, while also extending drain intervals.

"In fact, the superior thermal stability and filterability of this gear oil results in drain interval extensions of up to three times that of other synthetic oils," says Don Howard, new product innovation – mining at Bel-Ray. "This maximizes the cost effectiveness of this premium quality, enclosed gear lubricant for our customers."

In addition to the Komatsu and General electric approvals, Bel-Ray Synthetic Gear Oil 680 carries OEM approvals from Liebherr and Flender. This product also meets or exceeds the requirements of numerous industry standards.**

*In a two-year field evaluation using Bel-Ray Synthetic Gear Oil 680 in 12 General Electric wheel motors, the average sun pinion wear (diameter over pins) was 0.0007 in. (range: 0.0000 in. to 0.0028 in.). This is compared with the OEM (GE) maximum allowable wear of 0.0064.

** Bel-Ray Synthetic Gear Oil 680 meets or exceeds the requirements for ANSI/AGMA 9005-E02, DIN 51517 Part 3, Caterpillar SD4720 (Shovel Enclosed Gearcase Lubricant), Caterpillar SD4721 (Dragline Enclosed Gearcase Lubricant), US Steel 224, SEB 181.226 and David Brown S1.53.101 Type E.

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