Bossard strengthening presence in Europe through collaboration with PennEngineering

The longtime collaboration between Bossard and PennEngineering is enabling Bossard to further strengthen its presence in the European marketplace.

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The Bossard Group takes a further step towards the consolidation of its market position in Europe: The basis for this is the longtime collaboration with the U.S. company PennEngineering (PEM) which is now being extended to the markets of Italy, Sweden and Denmark.

Bossard took a decisive step towards strengthening its market presence in Europe at the end of 2012 with the takeover of KVT-Fastening. This significant step towards expansion involves considerable potential for development of collaboration with other providers. The intensification of business relations with the U.S. provider PEM represents one stage of this process: On the basis of the collaboration now agreed in the important markets of Italy, Sweden and Denmark Bossard has become the biggest European distributor of PEM products. For a long time there has been successful collaboration between Bossard and PEM which so far has extended into a total of sixteen countries, mostly in the Asian region.

The Pennsylvania-based PennEngineering is a specialist provider of fastening solutions. The company has made a name for itself with its self-clinching fasteners which make the connection between ultra-thin and ultra-light metal elements possible. Self-clinching fasteners are used today in a wide range of industries, including in telecommunications, the computer industry and by aircraft- and car manufacturers. Thanks to its innovative strength which continues to embrace new areas of application, PEM has gained a solid reputation in these industries. From Bossard’s perspective the extension of collaboration with the U.S. company blends seamlessly into the strategy of aiming to gain further market shares in technically challenging areas.