SKF exhibits lubrication products for agriculture at Agritechnica 2015

The various lubrication products SKF exhibited at Agritechnica included its Lincoln HTL 201 hydraulically driven grease pump which can be mounted directly onto a machine for continuous lubrication.

HCC hose connection control is a monitoring unit that checks lubricant feed lines for breaks
HCC hose connection control is a monitoring unit that checks lubricant feed lines for breaks

At Agritechnica 2015, SKF, the knowledge engineering company, highlighted its SKF and Lincoln branded lubrication product solutions. 


Developed for general machinery applications in heavy industry, the TLMR Series of automatic lubricant dispensers is ideal for difficult-to-access lubrication points. The lubricators are resistant to water, dust and vibration and provide reliable operation in extreme heat and cold.

Lincoln 20 V PowerLuber

Powered by an efficient, 20V lithium-ion battery, the PowerLuber Series 1880 grease gun features a high-torque powerhead and delivers grease at up to 690 bar (10,000 psi) in both high- and low-output settings. The tool utilizes a multifunction liquid crystal display (LCD) to accurately indicate standard readings such as battery level and grease flow. In addition, the LCD’s flow meter detects loss of prime, eliminating false readings to help ensure that the equipment being serviced is properly lubricated.

Lincoln HTL 201

The HTL 201 is a hydraulically driven grease pump designed to minimize friction and wear on equipment having an available hydraulic circuit. The compact pump can be mounted directly on the machine for continuous lubrication while the device is operating.

Lincoln P502

The P502 is a compact lubricant supply pump for progressive centralized lubrication systems. It also can be used to supply a maximum of two lubrication points individually with lubricant. The P502 features a proven rotary switch technology that enables easy adjustment of both pause and lubrication times.

Lincoln HCC

The HCC hose connection control is a monitoring unit that checks lubricant feed lines for breaks and signals the machine operator immediately if there is a fault. Reasonably priced and simple to use, the HCC helps to reduce unplanned downtime and serious bearing damage.

Lincoln Quicklub P203

The Quicklub P203 pump was designed to supply small- to mid-sized machines and systems having up to 250 lubrication points. Featuring a weather-resistant pump housing, the easy-to-fill unit has a durable stirring paddle to ensure proper lubricant supply, even at extreme temperatures.

Lincoln SSV/SSVD

SSV and SSVD progressive metering devices feature solid-block construction for reliable, flexible metering of lubricant. These easy-to-monitor devices are suitable for a wide range of metering applications.

Lincoln MOP 212/MGP 101

Developed especially for use on balers, the MOP 212 mechanically operated oil pump is used in combination with the MGP 101, adding a grease lubrication component. The MGP 101 is driven by the motor of the MOP 212, creating a pump for both oil and grease applications.

Lincoln EOS

The EOS is a reliable, economical solution for oil lubrication of chains. This electrically driven, single-line, centralized lubrication system is ideal for machines with chain drives and a 12/24V DC power supply.


Featuring an integrated control system, the KFG-S piston pump is driven by an electric motor. The pump is available in three reservoir sizes with varying filling options.