CENTA forms engineering and supply partnership with Christie & Grey Ltd.

CENTA has announced a partnership with Christie & Grey that will enable the two companies to cooperatively engineer "quiet drive" solutions.

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The management teams of CENTA Antriebe Kirschey GmbH and Christie & Grey Limited announce a strategic global sales cooperation between their companies.

The agreement allows the two companies to join forces to engineer and strategically supply the industry’s premium “quiet drive” solutions - combining soft mounting systems, flexible couplings and intermediate drive shaft systems.

As a pioneer in innovation since 1914, Christie & Grey Limited manufactures durable and highly efficient vibration, noise and shock control solutions for worldwide marine, industrial and commercial applications. For over 100 years, Christie & Grey has been a leader in designing and building engineered and customized solutions.

Founded in Germany in 1970, CENTA Antriebe is the innovative leader in torsional coupling and drive shaft systems, offering more solutions to the marine, industrial, rail and energy industries than any other company worldwide.

CENTA believes the Christie & Grey product line will be an excellent complement to its current portfolio. This global agreement will enable CENTA and its worldwide partners and distributors to offer packaged solutions, including flexible couplings, driveshafts and anti-vibration mount systems, to customers around the world. These packaged solutions will be supported by state-of-the-art torsional vibration analysis combined with six degrees of freedom analysis of the complete elastic system in order to optimize the matching of the components.