SPIROL Offers Pre-Stacked Disc Springs

The pre-stacked Disc Springs are available in custom configurations for ease of insertion into customer applications.

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SPIROL announces that it now offers pre-stacked Disc Springs. While some applications only require a single Disc, others require a number of Disc Springs to be stacked in a particular configuration to achieve specific force/deflection performance requirements.

Historically, SPIROL has supplied Disc Springs in bulk packaging, and the customers have fashioned the Discs into the prescribed stacks during the assembly process. SPIROL now offers pre-stacked Disc Springs (greased or ungreased) in custom configurations packaged in shrink wrap with a perforated tab for ease of insertion into the application.

The pre-stacked Discs are delivered intact to the assembly line where the operator simply has to place the stack into the assembly and remove the shrink wrap. This saves customers the time, investment and mess associated with greasing the stacks. Having pre-stacked Disc Springs delivered directly to the assembly line also helps to mistake-proof the process.