CCTY Square Ball Universal Joint

CCTY's Square Ball Universal Joint has fewer parts which simplifies the u-joint and allows for smoother rotation.

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CCTY Bearing
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CCTY Bearing has taken a new approach to universal joints which uses a square ball and seven other components, creating the Square Ball Universal Joint.

  • Minimizes the number of components used compared to the more than 100 parts found in standard u-joints
  • Comprised of one square ball, two yokes, two retaining pins and one seal
  • Fewer parts simplify the u-joint allowing for smoother rotation
  • Maintenance-free due to a true seal that retains lubrication while keeping out containments
  • Seeks own center between the two yokes when it is rotating through an angle with some load
  • Rotational torque is transferred/concentrated around left and right opposing zones of yoke’s I.D. to the adjacent cylindrical surfaces of central element, instead of the center of the yoke or the grooves

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