JW Winco GN 817.6 Indexing Plunger with Integrated Position Sensor

The GN 817.6 indexing plunger features an integrated sensor which reports the position of the plunger pin over a cable.

Jw Winco 2020 03 Indexing Plungers With Position Signal
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The JW Winco standard part GN 817.6 offers the familiar basic functionality of a proven indexing plunger but with the key addition of an integrated sensor.

Sensor reports the position of the plunger pin by means of an electrical signal - over a cable connection terminating with an M8 standard connector

Offers three-wire signal transmission by cable which is safer, more stable and easier to integrate than a wireless connection

If plunger pin has passed two thirds of the plunger distance upon operation, the sensor reports correct plunging visually via LED display on the sensor and in the form of a high signal via the cable to a downstream control unit

Position indication is handled by small permanent magnet in plunger pin as well as the sensor, which is compactly inserted into prepared ring groove beneath black actuating button in any orientation and held in place with a clip

Users can freely select outgoing direction of sensor cable by twisting it to easily adapt it to the specific installation situation 

Available with and without rest position in all typical sizes from 4-16 mm (0.16-0.63 in.) pin diameter and thread sizes from M8 to M24

Suitable for all application scenarios

All variations consist of stainless steel which minimally shields the integrated magnet, thereby avoiding interference with functioning of the sensor

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