Ewellix SP Series High Precision Ball Screws

The SP Series of high precision ball screws offer longer service life, higher speed capability and lower noise levels.

Ewellix Launches New High Precision Ball Screws
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Ewellix, formerly SKF Motion Technologies, launches the SP Series of smooth running, high precision large ball screws designed for automation and high-duty applications. 

  • Extends machine reliability and increases service life
  • Achieves 25% higher speed limits and low noise levels
  • Features an internal design where balls are picked up smoothly in the ball recirculation path
  • Reduced friction and impact on the balls results in optimal performance through the new recirculation system compared to existing designs
  • Robust design and capable of handling high thrust loads
  • Available in a standard range of nut types
  • Off-the-shelf or customizable designs available
  • Offers a wide range of design flexibility
  • Provides high reliability, precision and repeatability with low noise
  • Operation at high speeds with low friction minimizes service requirements
  • Comprised of three external interfaces – SP, SPF and SPT
  • SP features a cylindrical design with machined outside diameter and machined key
  • SPF has an integral flange design with machined outside diameter and six bolt holes for mounting
  • SPT features a universal, threaded-nose design which is interchangeable with most existing standard solutions and has the same attachment as the company’s existing SX series
  • Suitable for a range of applications such as material handling, and automated production and assembly

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