Product reliability to be a key focus of exhibitors at Agritechnica's Systems & Components

Product reliability is one of the key topics of focus for exhibitors during this year's Systems & Components, part of Agritechnica 2015.


The technical reliability of mobile machines and assemblies plays a key role in many applications and can have a significant impact on the production costs of agricultural machinery as well. After all, uneconomical operation or malfunctions are particularly detrimental in scenarios where machines are used only during a specific season. Today's mobile machines feature extremely complex systems of sophisticated technologies. The optimum interaction of these mechanical, hydraulic and electric components and systems is fundamental for a machine’s dependable operation. However, systems are not confined to one single machine but often extend to other machines or devices, forming more complex systems that can be managed only by interdisciplinary teams. This requires a close and cross-industry communication between scientists, developers, manufacturers and operators.

Technology transfer - a recipe for success

Featured as part of Agritechnica, the world's leading trade fair for agricultural machinery and equipment in Hanover, the Systems & Components supplier platform is aimed at engineers, developers, purchasers, manufacturers and dealers in the agricultural machinery industry and related fields. From November 10 to 14, 2015 (preview days November 8 and 9), the platform will present four topical issues under the keynote theme of "Future Farming”: efficiency, environmental protection, ergonomics/safety and reliability. In addition, a threefold program - Forum, Pathways and Special Show - will offer a wide range of cross-industry approaches to find answers and solutions.

Reliability pathway

Visitors following the Reliability pathway will explore all aspects concerning components and assemblies: durability, lifespan, performance and resistance to failure during life cycles. They will also find out how a desired function is provided over a particular period of time. A printed guide explains the individual exhibits and provides information on the exhibitors.

Components and assemblies

Claas will be presenting several versions of its highly robust, dirt-resistant, patented CL03 directional seat valve designed specifically for use on agricultural machinery. Currently the only one of its kind on the market, the directly controlled 3/2 and 2/2 directional valve with non-return functions requires just one instead of three seats, minimizing the number of potential fault sources. With no openings (diameter < 1 mm) or circular gaps in the CL03 cartridge, it is fully protected against particles and dirt. It has passed its endurance test with flying colors.

Erich Jaeger aims for high flexibility with its range of connector systems, such as the 7-pin, 12V, 100% watertight ISOBUS connector system. This system meets the highest safety standards for tractor/trailer connections. A sophisticated twin contact system with individual wire seals and a primary and secondary block keep moisture out of the vehicle's electric system. This completely unique feature was developed by Erich Jaeger and is now offered in its ISOBUS products.

Walvoil will be presenting an electronic control unit for attachments. The CED 252 features a CAN protocol, up to 11 inputs, six proportional outputs, and four on/off outputs delivering up to 60 W and 5 A. This unit is suitable for use on earthmoving, agricultural and forestry machinery and many more besides. The setup and quality of the components that make up the CED 252 make it perfect for use in harsh environments.

Carrao will be exhibiting its established T5 drivetrain that can be found on up to 100 hp tractors the world over. The latest update to this steering drive shaft features the full range of durability and reliability optimisations. Designed for use in the toughest conditions, this gearbox can be configured in several versions and features 32 forward and reverse gears including a double clutch. The state-of-the-art sealing system guarantees a longer lifespan and significantly less maintenance. An intelligent power management system delivers high productivity and excellent durability in any operating mode, even in the most difficult conditions.