Mitas Expands European Sales Network

Mitas announces it will be expanding its European sales network by acquiring the company Tribatyre and opening a new facility in Uden.

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Mitas, the Czech producer of off-road tires, will open a sales, distribution office and warehouse in Uden to improve services and increase market share in the Netherlands and Belgium. The announcement was made at Agribex, the chief Belgian farming fair. Mitas will acquire Tribatyre, headquartered in Uden. Tribatyre is a major Dutch importer of agricultural and industrial tires. Tribatyre and Mitas plan to sign the purchase agreement 8 December, and the contract comes into effect 1 January 2012.

“Mitas is expanding its sales network in Europe,” Andrew Mabin says. Mabin is Mitas’ sales and marketing director and vice-chairman of the board. Tribatyre and Mitas have been cooperating since 2002. “Tribatyre’s experienced team of nine gives Mitas leverage for success in a fiercely competitive market,” Mabin adds. “Mitas is now set to increase market share and rapidly improve logistics, marketing and customer services in the Netherlands and Belgium.” This latest acquisition is one in a string of recent moves to strengthen sales in for example France or Russia. “It is the farmers, construction industry and original equipment manufacturers who benefit when Mitas establishes a local presence,” Mabin adds. One in four new tractors and harvesters in Europe is fitted with tires produced by Mitas. Mitas also makes industrial and motorcycle tires.

“The takeover by Mitas is a great benefit to our customers,” says Wouter Trienekens, the owner of Tribatyre. “They can still enjoy the local advice and knowledge of the sales team, and on the other hand the global player provides much appreciated backup,” Trienekens adds. Tribatyre, established in 1990, sells tires and wheels for agriculture and industrial applications, such as tires for tractors and other farming machinery, dumpers, cranes, excavators, loaders, forklift trucks and trucks. Tribatyre also operates a tire and wheel assembly.

“I will expand my activities in East Africa with Mitas products and will focus on that part of the world in the near future,” Trienekens concludes.