Titan Announces Senior Management Promotions

Titan announces two of its employees have been promoted to senior management positions.

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Titan International, Inc. announces that William Campbell, who has been Titan Tire President for the past 12 years, will become Chairman of Titan Tire and Executive Vice President of Titan International. Campbell will be working with Maurice Taylor, Chairman and CEO of Titan International, on all recent and future acquisitions.

Steve Briggs, who has been Executive Vice President under the leadership of Campbell, will take over as Titan Tire President. Briggs will be concentrating on his team of managers at the tire plants in Des Moines, IA, Freeport, IL and Bryan, OH. The percentage growth of these three factories will be mid-double digits in 2012. Briggs will be very engaged in the progress at these plants.

Prior to joining Titan, Briggs was VP and General Manager of Pierce Manufacturing, a division of Oshkosh. He was employed by ROM Corporation prior to Pierce, as President and CEO. Both of these companies are involved in manufacturing products for the military market. He also served in the military for over 10 years. Briggs earned his masters degree from the University of Missouri.

Titan appreciates the hard work from these gentlemen and looks forward to their leadership roles in the company in the future.