Antonio Carraro to Display Five Hydrostatic Vehicles at Salonvert 2012

Antonio Carraro will display five vehicle models from its hydrostatic series of 4x4 tractors at Salonvert 2012.

Antonio Carraro Tractor
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Antonio Carraro will be showing several models from its hydrostatic series at Salonvert 2012, which takes place September 18 to 20, 2012.  

The “hydrostatic” series

The Antonio Carraro “Groundcare” business unit comprises various models of 4x4 tractors with power ratings ranging from 38 to 95 hp, hydrostatic transmission and reversible or mono-directional drive for urban maintenance and groundcare. Hydrostatic drive, an ideal technical solution for maintenance work, offers continuous speed variations in both directions of movement, thus assuring operative simplicity and practicality. In fact, the operator does not have to press the clutch when changing gear (unlike mechanical drive tractors) and can work at constant and uniform speeds, in maximum comfort. The reversible drive system on a rotating turret (Rev-Guide System RGS), another peculiarity of AC products, assures extraordinary operating versatility as the vehicle can work indifferently with towed equipment (large multi-element mowers, sand spreaders, cutters, sowers) pushed equipment (blade mowers, shredders for clearing uncultivated areas or undergrowth) and all the equipment required for keeping the roads clear in winter (sweepers, snow ploughs and turbines). Lastly, the particular configuration of the AC tractors, compact with a low center of gravity, assures agile maneuvring in tight spaces and in dense vegetation. One can truly say that there are many machines in just one AC tractor.

The five hydrostatic models on show at Salonvert 2012 are described below.

TTR 4400 II HST hydrostatic, reversible and multifunctional

The concept of TTR 4400 II HST (38 hp) replicates that of the top-of-the-range AC tractors, though on a smaller scale. The strategic decision to fit direct injection engines by the Yanmar company generates lower noise, less vibrations, reduced consumption and maximum efficiency. The configuration of the TTR 4400 II HST, featuring hydrostatic transmission, ACTIO chassis, low center of gravity, reversible steering and isodiametric driving wheels, allows the vehicle to perform many different operations on all types of terrain, including plains, hillsides and rough ground. With TTR 4400 II HST, the machine-tool combination can have various operative layouts in order to achieve a high standard of specialization, performing many farming or urban maintenance activities, such as ground care, cleaning pedestrian areas, mowing motorway verges, care of sports fields, snow clearance, handling and digging in nurseries and on worksites. The model on show at Salonvert 2012 features: a cab (with automatically controlled air-conditioning, work lights, car radio fitting, drinks compartment, partial door opening system, large windows for maximum visibility); an on-off joystick (for maneuvring the equipment); a Grammer seat with pneumatic springs; a double-acting rear power lift, particularly useful for snow ploughs in the presence of ice when greater ground adherence is required to remove layers of ice. 

SP 4400 HST: "municipal" by vocation

The SP 4400 HST (38 hp) is an articulated, single-direction, super-handy, hydrostatic vehicle with cab, designed to look after pedestrian precincts and old town centers, repair roads, clean pavements, clear snow and look after parks and gardens. It can be fitted with front, top and rear tools and therefore be used as a cleaner, snow blade or cutter, salt spreader, sand spreader, grass cutter, lifter with tool platform, inclinable mower, digger, shredder and drill. The handy loading platform on the top of the bonnet also allows the SP to handle materials. The SP 4400 HST is fitted standard with a cab to assure maximum operativeness and comfort for urban maintenance professionals who often have to work several hours at a time in all weather conditions. In fact, the cab is the first strength of the vehicle: the working environment is very large and features all-round visibility. The driving seat lies on a series of silent-blocks which gently absorb vibrations. The pneumatic suspension seat, complete with head and arm rests, assures comfortable and relaxing driving even after many hours of work. The cabin of the SP 4400 HST is also fitted with a number of “musts” (all standard): the pocket-lunch compartment for keeping food and drink to consume during work, the document holder, the air-conditioning system and the powerful lighting system with work lights and 12 volt socket. The hydraulic brakes assure sharp and modular braking. The forward control pedal hydraulically manages the hydrostatic transmission thus assuring safe and handy driving comfort. A JM joystick for managing the equipment is positioned within easy reach of the operator. For work requiring constant movement control, the “speed-fix” device can be used to establish the working speed.  

HR 6500: hydrostatic, reversible and extremely compact

HR 6500 (57 hp) is a hydrostatic reversible steering tractor offering great versatility of use for urban maintenance managers. The continual speed variation in both directions of travel assures peerless operating performance in the streets. Fitted with four gears, the vehicle can reach a maximum speed of 40 Km/h. Thanks to the speed-fix device, the HR is an authentic specialist in the event of work requiring constant forwards speed. The configuration of the tractor with oversize rear wheels assures constant adherence to the ground and offers very tight turning. On request, the HR can mount the EasyStar frame with six uprights or the StarLight cab with air-conditioning and front power lift for combined tools. The comfortable and moderately-priced EasyStar frame can be purchased from the customer at any time. This half cab, which does not limit the operating environment, even in reverse gear, assures maximum protection from bad weather and maximum operating safety when working on steep slopes. A very useful option to control implements is the Multifunction Joystick JMÔ with doubled oil capacity.

TRH 9800: the "big" reversible hydrostatic

The TRH 9800 (“Tractor of the year” Best of specialized 2012) is the “big” hydrostatic reversible AC tractor, with an output of 87 hp (Yanmar turbo diesel engine - four cylinders, 3300 cc, with counter rotating weight system, with electronically controlled injection system and EGR, and Clean-Fix device). The TRH’s drive concept guarantees maximum comfort even for extra large operators. The ESC (Electronic Speed control) device which controls the tractor’s forward speed and engine revolutions along with the powerful hydraulic and electrical systems, with the JPM Multifunctional joystick as an optional extra, enhance an already highly productive and comfortable working set-up, which thus drastically reduces work times. As well as the joystick, other optional accessories include a front lift, hydraulic suspension, a bull-bar and accessories for protecting the bonnet and bodywork, as well as the spacious and comfortable StarLight cab assuring maximum operativeness and safety, even on steep slopes. As an alternative to the closed cab, buyers can opt for the EasyStar half cab with six uprights, an ergonomic, comfortable, safe and affordable solution.

Unbeatable versatility

The TRH 9800 is an authentic specialist in those tasks and activities that require constant forward speeds and/or constant PTO revolutions, as is the case when using the sand spreader, seeder or crop sprayer. The operator sets the revolutions of the PTO and locks the speed appropriately via the ESC – Electronic Speed Control button on the dashboard. The settings remain constant even in the case of sudden uphill or downhill movement until the job is done and the operator need do no more than correct the direction of the tractor from time to time. Hydrostatic and reversible forward movement reveal themselves to be a winning combination both with the main agricultural equipment such as the trimming machine in vineyards, the crop sprayer or the forklift for the movement of crates containing fruit and vegetables as well as with the equipment for civil maintenance such as the large mowers for grass cutting; the vertidrain is used for aeration, the loader for earth movement, the excavator for digging drainage canals as is the greenhouse equipment used for positioning plants which requires micrometrical variations in speed. Finally, the TRH 9800 is a much appreciated vehicle during haying and in the maintenance of embankments and slopes.

SRH 9800: the new articulated reversible hydrostatic 

The SRH 9800 is a hydrostatic reversible machine with an articulated chassis. It is a tractor specifically designed to work in narrow spaces, amongst rowed crops of vines, on the plain and on slopes. The engine (turbo diesel, 87 hp, four cylinders, water cooling system) is fitted with an electronically controlled injection system and EGR, and Clean-Fix device. The ESC (Electronic Speed Control) device which controls the tractor’s forward speed and engine revolutions along with the hydraulic and electrical systems, with the JPM Multifunctional joystick as an optional extra, enhance performances of this extremely agile tractor, drastically reducing work times. The hydrostatic transmission is fitted with the “automotive” function that allows for the modulation of engine revolutions according to forward motion speeds. The infinite speed range in both drive directions and the maximum operative efficiency as far as rapid forward and backward movements facilitate material movement and activities that require constant forward advancement speeds. 

Tigre 4000: tractors for hobby farming

The Tigre 4000 and the Tigre 4400F, of the Business Unit “Dolce Vita,” are compact tractors, designed for the semi-professional usage requirements of farmers, agricultural workers, nursery gardeners, maintenance workers and evolved hobbyists. The most compact model, the Tigre 4000, is on show at Salonvert. 

Tigre 4000 features equal wheel, front steering and 31 hp. A fantastic “all rounder” designed to satisfy a myriad of activities on small plots of agricultural land, vegetable plots, greenhouses, parks, gardens, sports grounds and communal areas. Its four equal wheel drive along with the "ACTIO" chassis contributes to guaranteeing comfort and operative safety thanks to its traction and constant ground grip. It is fitted with a PTO synchronised with all gear speeds. The power lift has a three-point hitch and adjustable vertical rods.


The direct injection, 31 hp, Yanmar diesel engine (three cylinders, maximum speed 30 Km/h) offers excellent maximum torque at just 1,700 rpm. The generous torque, as well as signifying lower fuel consumption, lower emission and less noise and vibrations, also translates into towing capacity and efficiency at already low engine revolutions; operative comfort; saving in running costs; respect for the environment.

Transmission and gearbox

It has a 12 speed gearbox, eight forward and four reverse speeds, with a practical speed range in both directions. The rear brakes with mechanical control guarantee decisive, modular stopping. Independent and simultaneous braking (optional). There are front and rear differential locks.

Hydraulic system

Excellent features and capacity (30 l/min); optional, double acting with floating remote outlets.

Total comfort

Consistently with the family feeling of the top-of-the-range AC tractors, the tapered and streamlined design of Tigre 4000 offers operators immediate forward visibility. In the Tigre 4000, each technical solution assures outstanding technical performance as well as improved operating comfort. Despite the compact nature of the vehicle, the driving seat is comfortable and easy to access, even also for less agile and more heavily built operators. The dashboard, featuring an elegant instrument panel with screen (anti-glare by day and backlit by night) is complete with “on-off” info and a digital tachymeter. The design of the rollbars (front pull-down), integrated into the body of the tractor, makes manoeuvring easy, even in the tightest corners. Other active comfort areas are: safety bars on the rear mudguards; optical assemblies with headlights and a wide field of vision; ergonomically positioned control levers. Moreover, the piston-assisted vertical aperture of the bonnet simplifies maintenance operations. Lastly, the 29 liter capacity tank assures long operating times.