Allison Transmission Demonstrates Hybrid Propulsion Systems

Allison Transmission will demonstrate its hybrid propulsion systems at the International Motor Show in Hannover, Germany, as a key tool for saving fuel and reducing emissions.

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During Allison’s nearly 100 year history, the company has focused on optimizing the transport of people and goods, always believing customers simply deserve the best. This approach has resulted in the development of many innovative and reliable powertrain solutions for a wide variety of vehicles and challenging applications.

“Our customers around the world appreciate the products and technology that Allison has brought to the market,” says Lawrence Love, Executive Director, International Marketing at Allison Transmission. “Whether transporting passengers in China, collecting refuse in Germany, fighting fires in Australia, delivering concrete in Brazil, or distributing beverages in the U.S. – our transmissions are relied upon to get the job done efficiently and economically.”

Every Allison automatic transmission is designed to ensure that uninterrupted power from the engine is delivered to the drive wheels or an auxiliary device, resulting in easy operation, superior performance, protection of the driveline for maximum durability and optimum fuel usage.  Unlike manual or automated manual transmissions (AMTs), which must interrupt engine power to change gears, every Allison automatic transmission allows more of the engine’s horsepower and torque to be used effectively. As customers look to improve overall fuel utilization by reducing consumption and improving vehicle productivity, it is important to select the right transmission technology. 

At IAA 2012, Allison will unveil the new patented TC10 twin countershaft/torque converter architecture, which delivers the benefits of uninterrupted power and tractive force to the tractor trailer segment.

In addition, the H 3000, a newly advanced, parallel hybrid system for trucks will be introduced. Allison Transmission has been a leader in hybrid-propulsion technology since the early 1990s. During that time, Allison developed hybrid propulsion systems for city buses, beginning production in 2003. Currently, over 5,000 city buses equipped with the Allison H 40/50 EP hybrid systems are operating in over 230 cities worldwide. It has been estimated that these vehicles saved approximately 100 million liters of diesel fuel and prevented over 259,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions. Eleven new Solaris hybrid buses with the Allison H 50 EP hybrid system were recently delivered in the “IAA-City” of Hannover.

Allison continues to make major advancements in electronic controls which are key to significant fuel economy and productivity gains now being recognized by OEMs and end customers. Allison’s new and highly advanced 5th Generation transmission control system will be displayed for the first time at the IAA event.

Visitors to the Allison Building at outdoor area south, booth E54, will have the opportunity to learn more about Allison’s innovative technology.  In addition to transmission hardware, interactive tools will highlight the distinct benefits of an Allison transmission in any application. 

Find out how natural gas vehicle performance and efficiency are significantly improved with an Allison automatic. Mercedes Econic NGV vehicles equipped with an Allison have been shown to reduce emissions by 20 to 30%, noise by 50% and fuel costs by nearly 20% as compared to diesel.

Allison Transmission is one of the most recognized brands in the industry as a result of performance, reliability, quality, and fuel efficiency. Over 300 OEMs globally offer an Allison automatic as standard or as an option, in their vehicle range. “OEMs rely on Allison’s ability to thoroughly engineer and optimize the vehicle to provide the operational benefits and productivity that only a transmission which transfers uninterrupted power can deliver,” says Love.