Titan Europe Exhibiting at MINExpo 2012

Titan Europe will be one of the many exhibitors displaying its products for the mining industry at MINExpo 2012.

Titan Europe Plc is an international engineering group which designs and manufactures wheels, undercarriage components and assemblies for tracked and wheeled off-road vehicles. The company will be attending MINExpo 2012, the world's largest and most comprehensive exposition dedicated to mining that will be held at the Las Vegas Convention Center on September 24 to 26, 2012. 

More than 1400 exhibitors and an estimated audience of over 35,000 visitors will be coming from around the world.

To represent Titan Europe in Las Vegas, ITM Intertractor America will exhibit at the show for the Undercarriage Division and Titan Wheels Australia for the Wheel Division. MINExpo is the ideal place to show the world Titan Europe’s excellence in the products and services offered to the mining industry.

This sector represents to Titan Europe one of the most promising markets in terms of development and further growth. In addition to being a trusted supplier to major OEMs of the industry, Titan Europe also supplies the aftermarket providing specialized products and services to numerous mines in Australia, Indonesia, South America and South Africa. The next goal of the company is to build on its capability to serve the mining areas and become a trusted supplier to the mining industry in North America and Asia.

ITM Intertractor America is the base for Titan Europe’s Undercarriage Division in North America. They are responsible for the design, engineering, manufacture and assembly of undercarriage systems for machines up to 2,500 tons. Also, Intertractor America supplies undercarriage components to OEMs in the mining, construction, agricultural, road building and material recycling industries as well as to the aftermarket. In Las Vegas, ITM will show special undercarriages for the mining industry and a number of components such as idlers and track shoes.

Titan Australia, for the Wheel Division, holds a leading position in Australia for the design, development and manufacture of wheels for off-road vehicles in the mining, construction, industrial and agricultural sectors. At MINExpo, Titan Australia will be showing its special mining wheels. The company is in fact well known for its revolutionary, patented OVM (Outside Vertical Mount) mining wheel. These special wheels that are supplied all over the world permit to dramatically reduce the machine idle time as they eliminate the need to remove wheel bases from hubs during tire changes. 

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