Trelleborg Announces Launch of Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Innovation Awards

Trelleborg has launched its Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Innovation Awards, for which prizes will be awarded to the best sealing development and business ideas.

Trelleborg Innovation Award

Trelleborg has launched the Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Innovation Award. As Trelleborg continues to pioneer new sealing developments, ideas are being sought that can provide engineering, technology and design solutions for today and tomorrow. The competition is open to anyone, with prizes for the best submissions.

The philosophy behind the award is that everything around us started with somebody having an idea. That idea then needs to be taken and made into reality, to form it into something tangible. The scope of the award is broad so that innovation suggestions are not limited.

Director Global Marketing and Communications, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions, Robert Zahiri, says, “Open innovation is one of Trelleborg’s core values and we know that there are lots of ideas out there that can add value to existing applications today and those in the future. We’re not just interested in suggestions for products, technology and materials but anything that relates to improving our business or the way we do business, for instance, novel suggestions for online tools, manufacturing processes or logistic related services.”

As well as receiving a cash prize of over $6,000 (5,000 euros), the winning idea will be converted into a tangible project if feasible. iPads will be awarded to the ideas in second and third places. Further details on the award and how to submit ideas can be found by going to