Concirrus and Mobile Devices Adding PressurPro's TPMS Technology to Their Telematics Market Place

Concirrus and Mobile Devices have formed a collaboration to integrate PressurePro's TPMS technology into Mobile Devices' Morpheus embedded framework, enabling users to easily access tire pressure data.

Concirrus Ltd., a leading provider of telemetry solutions, and Mobile Devices, the developer of the revolutionary open telematics OS and telematics hardware, have announced a collaboration to add PressurePro’s market leading Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) technology to their Mobile Devices Telematics Market Place. Under the agreement, which will be facilitated by telematics leader Concirrus, Mobile Devices will integrate PressurePro’s tire pressure information into the Morpheus embedded framework, allowing users easy access to the pressure data through a new set of standard APIs.

The agreement was prompted by the increasing need for telematics providers serving the heavy-duty commercial fleet market to:

  • Reduce costs – Tires underinflated by 30% cut tire life in half. Further, underinflation significantly increases fuel consumption.
  • Reduce risk – Tires underinflated by 25% multiply the risk of a tire related crash by three. In bad weather, the risk increases to a multiple of four. Further, tires are a risk factor in one of every seven fatal accidents.
  • React to legislation - Europe and the U.S. increasingly promote tire pressure checks and continue to pass legislation allowing stronger penalties and fines for tires running underinflated.

The agreement with will draw on the advanced technologies offered by PressurePro and the expertise of Concirrus' founders in the commercial vehicle telematics market as well as on Mobile Devices’ open platform, wide range of hardware type and extensive SDK. The integration will allow operators the information needed to better manage tire pressure across their fleet and to better maintain compliancy and help mitigate problem tire situations to add improved safety.

"We see the provision of integrated tire pressure information as increasingly important for fleets worldwide,” says Phillip Zaroor, President and CEO of Advantage PressurePro, “and we are excited to extend the reach of our solutions alongside Concirrus and Mobile Devices.”

“Fleet managers might not have a telematics budget alloted, but they all have a fuel/tire budget which TPMS technology helps decrease,” states Andrew Yeoman, CEO of Concirrus. “Mobile Devices has always led the way in the provision of technology for telematics service providers and having seen the impressive customer solutions that they deliver, we are really pleased to have them as a partner for the PressurePro solutions.”

Sandy Mayer, Mobile Devices GM of North America adds, “Advances in the sensor technologies and stricter regulation on trucks worldwide make today’s tire pressure management systems not only a compliance necessity but a key competitive advantage. With PressurePro on board, Mobile Devices’ marketplace of telematics services now includes the best-in-class TPMS.”