Goodyear Displays 63-Inch Tire at MINExpo 2012

Goodyear has its 63-inch OTR tire on display at MINExpo 2012, demonstrating the company's ability to create products for its global mining customers.

What is 13 feet (four meters) in diameter, weighs 12,000 pounds, can carry hundreds of tons of rock and other materials, and is making its trade show debut during this week’s MINExpo 2012 show in Las Vegas? Goodyear’s 63-inch off-the-road (OTR) tire, which can be seen at Goodyear’s MINExpo booth (#6009) at the Las Vegas Convention Center through September 26.

“There is no better place to display our 63-inch tire than at MINExpo 2012,” says David Anckaert, general manager, global OTR tires, Goodyear. “Global demand for high-performing 63-inch OTR tires remains extremely strong, and we are proud to offer such a robust, highly engineered product for the world’s largest mining and earthmoving equipment.”

Goodyear’s 63-inch tire is part of the global tire manufacturer’s RM (Rock Mining) line. (Goodyear is displaying other products in its RM line at MINExpo 2012, as well.)

Goodyear offers its 63-inch OTR tire in two sizes: 53/80R63 and 59/80R63. Each size is available with E3/E4 tread designs.

The 63-inch tire is a natural extension of Goodyear’s full OTR tire line-up, which has included 57-inch radial OTR tires for more than two decades, according to Anckaert.

“Our 63-inch tire contains our latest technologies in materials, design, construction and manufacturing based on more than 25 years of experience in the 57-inch category,” he explains. “The tire is precision-made, using state-of-the-art, fully integrated tire manufacturing equipment that is wholly unique to the OTR tire industry.

“Designed using advanced computer simulation tools – and developed in collaboration with some of the industry’s leading original equipment manufacturers to help ensure size and performance compliance – this tire represents the culmination of all we have learned over the years, which makes it a ‘must have’ for mining operations that want to achieve optimal productivity while minimizing expensive downtime.”

Features of Goodyear’s 63-inch OTR tire include:

  • Robust steel casing and belt construction to help enhance strength;
  • Interlocking center grooves for extra stability;
  • Goodyear’s unique CycleMax tread compound that helps promote cool running;
  • High-angle, non-directional grooves to help enhance traction across a wide range of demanding surfaces.

Goodyear brand 63-inch tires are available globally. They are produced at Goodyear’s manufacturing plant in Topeka, KS.

Goodyear is committed to the entire OTR mining market, including the 63-inch segment,” says Anckaert.

“Our strategy is to focus on high-value tires for the growing demands of our customers, and we look forward to continuing to serve mining operations that have a need for a high-performing tire in this specialized size.

“We invite MINExpo attendees to visit our booth to see and learn about the 63-inch tire, and to discuss how Goodyear – through its industry-leading product, technology and service offerings – can help enhance their business.”