GE Mining Introduces AC Electric Drive System

GE Mining introduced its Invertex 200T AC Electric Drive system at MINEXPO 2012.

GE Mining introduces its new Invertex 200T AC Electric Drive System for heavy-haul surface mining trucks at MINExpo International 2012 in Las Vegas. The Invertex 200T Electric Drive System is designed for optimal weight and durability and provides a best-in-class mix of payload, top end speed and retarding speed for the 200-ton mining truck class. It now will be available on Komatsu’s 730E AC Mining Truck designed for heavy-duty hauling.

“The 200T drive system exemplifies our commitment to develop leading technology that delivers productivity for the mining industry,” says Geoff Knox, CEO of GE Mining. “Its integrated system and advanced control takes independent wheel-motor performance to the next level and reduces life-cycle cost for mine operators.”

As it has for more than a half century, GE Mining continues to solve the world’s toughest mining challenges with innovative products and advanced technologies. GE Mining changed the industry in 1963 with the introduction of electric drive systems for haul trucks. Today, nearly 5,900 drive systems from GE are working around the world. The Invertex 200T AC Electric Drive System, along with innovative mining solutions from GE’s ecomagination portfolio, are bringing new opportunities for mines to increase productivity while benefiting the environment. Ecomagination is GE’s commitment to imagine and build innovative solutions to today’s environmental challenges while driving economic growth.

The new 200T AC Electric Drive System is designed with improved control algorithms and optimized system integration. With a single inverter per wheel, size and weight are reduced and cabling is simplified. The drive system’s contactorless retarding utilizes quad chopper control that results in less maintenance and improved life-cycle costs.

The Invertex 200T wheel motor was completely redesigned to optimize weight and durability. The wheel motor successfully completed Highly Accelerated Life Test (HALT) and extensive field validation. The new design also incorporates bolted flange rims and an improved lubrication system with an advanced sealing arrangementfor increased truck availability.

At the core of the drive system is the Invertex II AC Control Software System that combines the propulsion system controller (PSC) and truck control interface (TCI) into a single state-of-the-art drive system controller (DSC). This streamlined CPU simplifies truck data access, event management and software configurations, all in a compact control panel with a single entry point for troubleshooting. The redesigned IP-54-rated control cabinet maximizes maintenance accessibility and prevents dust and moisture from entering.

Multiple communication channels, including CAN, Ethernet and USB deliver high-speed data downloads and optimal third-party connectivity. The Windows-based wPTU Toolbox puts a complete array of real-time diagnostic and statistical tools in the operator’s hands.

“We looked at every component of the system to find ways to make the system lighter, more efficient and easier to maintain,” says Lori Kieklak, general manager of Mining Equipment for GE Mining. “By integrating the controllers into one unit, it was possible to reduce control panel size and the number of parts, simplify downloads and thus, increase reliability.”