RUD and Hutchinson Form Distribution Partnership

RUD has signed an agreement with Hutchinson to become the sole distributor in the U.S. of Rud's Sideflex system and Hutchinson's TireShield product.

What world leaders Hutchinson (armor systems) and RUD (tire protection chains) are now introducing to the international market as the result of years of collaboration is both impressive and revolutionary: For the first time, a range of two flank protection systems for EM tires, undertaking all kinds of complicated earthwork, above and below ground, is available from a single supplier.

The Sideflex system from RUD, which can be used on “high-speed” dump trucks, provides optimal flank protection both above and below ground. Here the “windmill” principle creates a ring stretched over the wheel rim, with a single arm made from a rubber-like material that rotates at a distance of 5 cm from the side of the tire, featuring “memory capability.” This system is patented, not least due to its exceptional self-cleaning ability. Thanks to the structurally integrated detachability, the Sideflex system offers extended alternative aboveground application options.

To respond even better to specific tire protection challenges and the widest range of tire and rim sizes, the globally proven Hutchinson TireShield system is available. The system was specifically designed for tire sizes up to 33 inches. The TireShield, which is attached directly to the rim or by using an adapter, is a highly tear-resistant, special rubber tire-flank cover that gets its flexibility through an incorporated reinforced carcass structure. The TireShield, which can be installed on both the inside and outside tire flanks as a “sandwich,” especially in dumper application, this way significantly increases the protection of the dumper tires.

Within this “Premium Partnership” RUD has acquired the sole distribution contract for both globally established flank protection systems - TireShield (Hutchinson) and Sideflex (RUD).

To this end, RUD shall make available its globally positioned distribution and service system, in proven customer and user proximity.

Here the marketing concept expressly includes the retention of both internationally renowned brand logos - Hutchinson and RUD.

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