Young Powertech Partnering with STM

Young Powertech has become the exclusive North American partner of STM, enabling Young Powertech to add more hydraulic and mechanical transmission products to its offerings.

Young Powertech Inc. announces its new partnership with STM.

The alliance grants Young Powertech the fortunate position of becoming STM’s exclusive North American partner and propels Young Powertech into a new level of leadership in both the hydraulic and mechanical transmission marketplace.

The partnership with STM reaffirms Young Powertech's commitment as a dependable and well- organized force within the industry and is in line with STM’s belief in growing through collaboration.

STM has an extensive track record of successful global partnerships with leading companies.

The support of an additional 250 employees now enables Young Powertech to better serve OEMs with more efficient and reliable solutions.

Immediate new additions to Young Powertech's product line include Parallel Shaft Gearboxes, Bevel Helical Gearboxes and Helical In Line Gearboxes.