Comer Industries displaying driveline components at Agritechnica 2013

At Agritechnica 2013, Comer Industries will display its various driveline technologies for the agricultural market, including transmissions and gearboxes.

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From November 10 to 16, Comer Industries will display at Agritechnica the system for self-propelled mixers, featuring the S-238 axle, which offers the best braking and efficiency performance in its category, and the PGA 2503 VM planetary drive for transmitting the vertical drive to the augers; the A-613 R e C3A parallel axis gearbox units, which complete the range for driven mixers; the N-670 transmission for corn headers  with built-in cutter, developed by Comer Industries R&D for an important manufacturer in the industry. 

The VP professional range of driveshafts will also be on show, featuring high safety performance, ease of maintenance and long greasing intervals. Together with the driveshafts, Comer Industries provides safety devices such as automatic torque limiters and the easy connecting system with PTO. 

Lastly, there will also be gearboxes for combine harvesters, transmission systems for rotary rakes and balers, and the cutting system for self-propelled machines, complete with cutter bars, gearboxes and driveshafts, developed according to customer requirements. 
For the sector of forage processing and distributing machines, Comer Industries will be showing a solution for self-propelled feed mixers consisting of S-238 differential axle and PGA 2503 VM planetary drive with hydraulic control.

The S-238 12-tonnes axle, featured by compact dimensions, is available in fixed and steering versions. 

This product caters to the growing requirements of manufacturers in terms of energy saving and provides 
the following benefits: 

  • better performance, even with the same total weight, thanks to increased dynamic load; 
  • greater compactness, for easier installation of the axle inside the machine; 
  • it can reach a road transfer speed of up to 40 km/h. 

The transmission system is completed by planetary gears for transmitting the vertical drive to the augers: the PGA 2503 VM, with compact hydraulic connection, can be combined with different types of hydraulic motor. A small size version - the PGA 1603 VM- is also available. 
For the driven feed mixer application the A-613 R parallel axis unit is on show, equipped with user-friendly gear change and sensors, granting excellent performance as a result of:  

  • kinematic drive transmission with low noise levels thanks to helical gears; 
  • internal pre-load mechanism for remote change by means of wire or electro-hydraulic mechanism; 
  • ready for quick pump coupling.

The unit is available in two-speed version (1:1 and 1.8:1), with a transmittable power of 180 hp at 540 rpm and is suitable for mixers with two or three augers, with capacity starting at 30 cubic meters. 

Gearbox C3A completes the range on display, featuring transmittable power of 125 hp at 540 rpm: the group is suitable for mixers with capacity up to 36 cubic meters, available in different versions (from 1:1 till 3.2:1). This solution features internal pre-load mechanism for remote change and guarantees low noise levels thanks to gear grinding. 
Group N-670 is a modular solution that equips corn headers. The transmission allows the handling of all the organs of the machine: stalk rolls, chains and cutting blades. 
Comer Industries exhibits the professional range of VP Series driveshafts, which feature new EC type-approved accident prevention protection, high performance and ease of maintenance. 

This professional product line is versatile and available in many advanced solutions: transmissions are characterized by boosted efficiency and attention to the environment, thanks to reduced maintenance and less use of lubricants. 

The line was created to meet the demands of high-performance, intensive use, typical of the contractor sector. To cover all needs of users, nine product sizes in the standard version and four sizes in the constant velocity version are available. 

Maintenance is facilitated, thanks to the alignment of the access holes to the greasing points: lubrication can be performed without disassembling the driveshaft from the PTO. Maintenance intervals have been extended and, depending on the use conditions, can reach up to 250 hours. 

Guard locking system with single chain guarantees quick and safety and offers the possibility of moving the bellows backwards thus facilitating the assembly on the PTO of the tractor. 

The version with constant velocity joint VH7 CVJ has a new guard that allows the PTO to operate as far as 80 degree working angles, without interfering with the tractor’s master shield. The new CVJ system, thanks to the floating plates, provides excellent sealing of the lubricating grease, thereby reducing maintenance intervals. 
Driveshaft safety devices, such as limiters, and devices for facilitated engagement of the driveshaft to the PTO, are also on display. They are designed and manufactured according to quality procedures in compliance with international standards. All Comer Industries’ driveshafts protect the operator from any 
hazards associated with agricultural machine applications and provide complete protection thanks to counter-cones and to extended guards.  

This transmission permits operation of the cutterbar with alternating movement for grain headers. Comer Industries offers a product range suitable for 7 m cutting width. 
The range of gearboxes for rotary rakes 
From its range of gearboxes for rotary rakes from 8 to 13 arms, Comer Industries will be displaying the 12 arm model at Agritechnica. These  products have been designed for use on both single-and double-rotor machines with the possibility of a central, left or right side row. The gearbox on show, designed for 
professional use and made with high-performance alloys, consists of a monolithic main box and a spheroid cast-iron cam in oil bath and special steel arms. Specifically for this application, angular gearboxes are also available for drive distribution in double-rotor machines, as well as driveshafts with related safety parts. 
The range of gearboxes for balers 
Comer Industries offers a wide range of products for the operation of the fixed and variable chamber balers. On display the solution T-22 with 82 hp at 540 rpm. 
On display a customized complete kinematic system for high - protein forage harvesting for animal feed or for biomass energy production. Besides the cutting unit with discs mowers, the solution is composed of five special gearboxes for the operation of the cutting system and augers. One of the boxes is equipped with a system for the smooth launch and arrest of the whole drive train, controlled through an electronic/hydraulic device, and a torque limiter, to protect the entire transmission.