ZF integrating tire pressure control in axles and transmissions

ZF has announced plans to integrate tire pressure control into its TERRAMATIC, T-7000 transaxle and Terrsetter Series products.

Tire pressure control at the final drive of the rear axle
Tire pressure control at the final drive of the rear axle
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In the future ZF will be equipping its TERRAMATIC and T-7000 transaxles as well as the axles in the Terrsteer Series with an integrated rotary transmission lead-through for tire pressure control. Integrated into the complete system, the tire pressure can always be optimally adapted to the respective driving conditions even on the move. 

Through this innovation the existing functional scope of the transmissions and axles is expanded.  

Apart from fuel savings and tire conservation during transport tasks, the control of the tire pressure also gives substantial advantages on the field. According to neutral studies, the reduced tire pressure can increase the tractive power and consequently the coverage performance. Due to a reduced tire pressure rolling friction can be minimized and at the same time tractive efficiency on the field can be increased. 

Along with the advantages already mentioned an optimally adapted tire pressure increases the driving stability and therefore also the safety.

Adaptation of the tire pressure also occurs even when driving. For this, the vehicle manufacturer can directly integrate the operation of the system into the electronic and pneumatic vehicle architecture or implement it by a special control panel in the cabin. The construction is based on a kit system. This means that the customer can order this option as an additional feature on the transmissions and axles. Through the position at the power output, the rotary transmission lead-through is fully integrated into the transmission an axle concept and at the same time offers good accessibility. The construction is suitable for both double-flow and single-flow systems. Additionally, the lines are accommodated, protected from damage, in the rim well and on the shaft bell. With a diameter of at least 10 mm, the rotary transmission lead-through is also rated for use with powerful compressors, thereby giving short filling times. The seals of the rotary transmission lead-through are only under pressure during the actual pressure control, resulting in a long durability. 

An overview of the features of the ZF rotary transmission lead-

  • Lead-through for tire-pressure control systems for ZF tractor powertrains and steering axles 
  • Lead-through is fully integrated on the output 
  • Suitable for single- and double-flow systems 
  • Adaptation of the tire pressure even when driving 
  • Lines are situated protected in the rim well and on the shaft bell  
  • Short filling times are made possible by the large diameter in the lead-through 
  • Good accessibility to the lead-through and the seals 
  • Pressure is applied to the seals only during the actual control of the tire pressure, giving increased seal durability