Michelin concept QR code tire keeps users informed about tire performance and usage

Michelin has developed a concept QR code tire, which was on display at Agritechnica 2013, that enables vehicle operators to easily keep track of tire performance and usage.


In today’s farming vehicles, a growing number of functions are interconnected and provide information that farmers need to do their jobs right. Farmers know that in the field they must be able to count on the right tire for each type of use. They also know that the right pressure for the right load is essential both for safety and for soil protection.

Because loads vary quickly throughout the working day, Michelin has developed a communicating concept tire. It features a QR Code that is molded directly in the tire’s sidewall. Via a smartphone that reads the data matrix, it sends the data directly to an animation that provides users with all the information they need to ensure correct tire use. Thanks to this application, the tire becomes a “smart,” “communicating” component that connects to the entire machine.

This innovation illustrates the current trend toward supplying users with information about their tires. Using this technology, Michelin has showcased the MICHELIN CargoXBib’s unique ability to meet the demands of tire pressure control systems on farm trailers and tankers.

With its unique highly resistant casing, the MICHELIN CargoXBib can be driven with 4 bar of pressure on roads and 1 bar of pressure in fields. Today, Michelin is capable of providing farmers with tangible, innovative, intelligent solutions that help them optimize their crop output.

The technological achievement is not only to have designed an entire ecosystem that enables a tire to become a “smart” component of the vehicle. It’s also in the effective control of the technology. For the first time, a large size (75 x 75 mm) QR Code was created using a “black on black” contrast effect, with different shades molded directly into the rubber on the tire sidewall.  This is the same technology that enabled Michelin to innovate with the MICHELIN Pilot Sport Cup 2 tire, which creates a “velvet” effect with the sidewall markings. Equipped with this tire, the Porsche 918 Spyder set a new lap record on the Nürbürgring circuit.

What’s more, the MICHELIN Concept QR Code tire illustrates the extent of the Michelin Group’s efforts to develop future applications that enable the tire to be constantly in phase with all of the vehicle’s responsibilities and applications.