Oerlikon displaying latest driveline technologies at CTT Moscow

Oerlikon will display several of its driveline technologies, including its new hybrid electric drivetrain, to the Russian marketplace at CTT Moscow.

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Oerlikon Drive Systems, with its two brands Oerlikon Graziano and Oerlikon Fairfield, is a leading manufacturer of engineered drive products from more than 90 years and is focused on off-highway, industrial and automotive key markets. Excellent manufacturing, innovative engineering and experience have made the company the “global drive systems supplier of high-tech solutions in all mobility markets.”
“Our participation to CTT Moscow will be the occasion for Sales staff and Engineers to meet current and new customers, reinforcing the presence of both brands in the Russian area, and showing and exhibiting their new and innovative product lines,” says Paolo Ramadori, Chairman and CEO Oerlikon Graziano Group S.p.A., Head of Business Unit EMEAR Oerlikon Drive Systems.
Among the innovations that will be presented at the exhibition there’s Oerlikon Fairfield’s new patent pending hybrid electric drivetrain technology. This technology, a complete series electric driveline system from engine to wheel which features an innovative energy recovery system, is the first of its type to be designed by a company specializing in drive solutions.
On display there will be the latest innovations in off-highway axles, Shifting solutions providing integrated solutions for all types of demanding construction machinery applications and the tram drive for underground miners.
The GA axle portfolio of Oerlikon Graziano for grader machines consists of a new and innovative generation of complete drivelines. The range consists of five different models to satisfy all possible needs of the customers and fulfill the requirements for motor graders from 10 to 20.5 tons machine operating weight. These models have been specifically designed with a complete tandem system and with wet disk brakes on the wheels: this optimizes braking performance without overheating issues and satisfies all safety regulations.
The company has developed a complete product range of PR axles for wheeled loaders up to 32 tons. The advantages for the end users are:

  • wet disk brakes mounted before the final reduction with less workload and maximum working life, guaranteeing the best performance with low overheating when the vehicle is used at high speed for long time driven;
  • patented forced oil pump integrated into the differential with highly efficient cooling of the brake disk;
  • lightening monolithic axle body;
  • modular differential groups, which permit to offer few options to optimize the performance in relation to the specific application;
  • better performance with higher efficiency.

Oerlikon Graziano’s Shifting Solutions offers to manufacturers a complete transmission design and engineering service. More than 20.000.000 synchronizers produced in 30 years for agricultural tractors, construction equipment, passenger cars and trucks. In addition Oerlikon Graziano can provide the customer with unrivaled manufacturing expertise in the development of fabricated power shift clutch modules. They are designed, developed and tested based on customer specific applications, fitted on every power-shuttle and power-shift agricultural and construction transmissions, they provide vehicles with improved drive comfort, shifting and efficiency.
For the mining market Oerlikon Fairfield will display its low seam Tram Drive for underground mining machinery, with integrated right angle drive, ratio ranges from 35:1 to 200:1, both electric and hydraulic motor inputs available, multiple pipe plugs for oil fill and drain for better serviceability, continuous output torque rating from 11,000 Nm (97,358 in.-lbs.) to 70,000 Nm (619,552.5 in.-lbs.), removable track wear plates for easier access and serviceability to decrease downtime. The mechanical face seal located in output sprocket provides superior protection against contamination, the dual output sprockets allow customer to replace worn components without complete disassembly of gearbox, the high strength carburized steel gearing with ground teeth add extra impact resistance and durability for an overall increased life. Dedicated areas will showcase Torque-Hub final drives used in a variety of track driven equipment, as well as specialty drives for machinery for road compaction or mining.
The company will also display examples of its gear solutions (gears, shafts, crown wheel and pinions, planetary gears), with about 4,000 different gear products supplied weekly to customers’ operations worldwide.
"Always technological innovation is strategically important for Oerlikon Drive Systems, in recent years we worked to enhance human capital by investing in the training of workers at every level and job,” continues Ramadori. "The competitiveness was enhanced through product innovation, investment in new technologies, the reorganization of production sites, standardization and modernization of business processes.”
Visit Oerlikon at CTT 2014 Moscow, Crocus Expo, Hall 13 – Stand 13 - 304.