Odyne delivers plug-in hybrid trucks to Consumers Energy

Odyne has delivered six trucks featuring its plug-in hybrid system to Consumers Energy in Michigan.

Odyne Systems, LLC, a leader in hybrid systems for medium- and heavy-duty trucks, announces that six new trucks featuring Odyne plug-in hybrid systems have been delivered to Consumers Energy, Michigan’s largest utility, providing natural gas and electricity to 6.5 million residents in Michigan.
The vehicles delivered include three Terex Commander digger derricks, two Terex material handling bucket trucks and the first under deck compressor vehicle with a Boss hydraulic lift and compressor. The Odyne plug-in hybrid system powers the equipment on the trucks without use of the engine in most cases, saving fuel, reducing emissions and significantly reducing noise levels at the work site. Hybrid
propulsion also increases vehicle efficiency during driving. The on-board Boss lift can stow, load and
unload heavy air tools which will be used in Consumers Energy’s gas operations. The compressor
powers a pneumatic jackhammer used to break up cement and pavement and also tests gas lines for
leaks. The exportable power runs an electric pipe fusing machine. All six trucks feature IHC chassis,
and DUECO, Inc. was the final-stage manufacturer.
The Odyne hybrid power system features proprietary and patented hybrid technology combining
reliable electric power conversion, power control and energy storage technology. The Odyne plug-in
hybrid drive system reduces fleet operating and maintenance costs, and depending on duty cycle,
enables large trucks to obtain fuel economy improvements of up to 50% compared to traditional diesel
or gasoline engines. Odyne continues to be the only plug-in hybrid system on a medium- or heavy-duty
truck to deliver greater fuel efficiency both while driving and at the work site.
The six trucks were manufactured as part of a $90 million program to produce about 300 plug-in
hybrid trucks. The program was funded by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and California
Energy Commission (CEC), with cost-share contributions from the Electric Power Research Institute
(EPRI) and the program participants. Odyne is developing and deploying about 120 plug-in hybrid
systems for trucks for companies and governmental entities throughout North America as part of the
award. The trucks delivered with Odyne plug-in hybrid systems will feature advanced smart grid
capabilities to charge the hybrid batteries at the most opportune time, reducing charging costs and
excess demand on the utility grid.
Consumers Energy has been using a 5FC-55 bucket truck equipped with an Odyne system delivered
in 2011, which crew members appreciate.
Joe Dalum, President and CEO of Odyne systems notes, “With delivery of these six vehicles, we
continue to expand the applications where an Odyne plug-in hybrid system is providing the power and
advantages that only the Odyne system offers. Our hybrid system is unique in the industry in
delivering unprecedented high efficiency power both during drive time and at the work site across
many truck applications.”