Yokohama announces several organizational changes

Yokohama announces it has made several changes to its leadership team, including the promotion of Rick Phillips to VP of Sales, Consumer, Commercial and OTR.

Takaharu Fushimi, CEO for Yokohama Corporation of North America, has announced several organizational changes within Yokohama Tire Corporation (YTC), which took effect February 1. 

These include:

  • Rick Phillips: from Senior Director, Commercial and OTR Sales to Vice President of Sales, Consumer, Commercial and OTR. “Rick has significantly grown our commercial and OTR business and will be a vital asset on the consumer side,” Fushimi says. Phillips will report to Takayuki Hamaya, YTC Chief Operating Officer.
  • Larry Kull: from Senior Director, Tire Business Planning and Sales Operations to Senior Director, Consumer Sales. Kull will report to Phillips.
  • Fred Koplin: from Senior Director, Consumer Sales to Senior Director, Marketing. Koplin will report to Hamaya.
  • Andrew Briggs: from Senior Director, Marketing, Product Planning and Technical Services to Senior Director, Tire Business Planning, Product Planning and Sales Operations. Briggs will report to Hamaya.

“As Yokohama continues to build on its success,” Fushimi says, “we felt it was the right time to align our organization to take advantage of our core strengths and provide opportunities for people to contribute further to our growth.”