PressureGuard launches new user-friendly website

PressureGuard's new website is designed to be more user friendly and is optimized to be viewed on mobile devices such as phones and tablets.

PressureGuard Tire Inflation Systems announces the launch of its new website. The user-friendly navigation of the new website provides quick and intuitive access to essential information on PressureGuard.

Design & Navigation
The new website helps build the visibility of the PressureGuard system and its benefits. The optimized navigation and functionality enhances the user experience, making it easier to locate important advantages of PressureGuard, and helping the user to understand how the system works.

“The new website will insure an informative user experience for our visitors,” says Trevor Wiggins, Director of Sales. “The detailed content will help visitors understand that the robust and durable components of the PressureGuard system separate it from the competition.”

Optimized for smartphones and tablets, the PressureGuard website allows access on the go and for visitors to obtain information anywhere. Simplified site navigation and enhanced search capability enable visitors to find out why PressureGuard easily retrofits, boasts a long life and decreases maintenance and replacement costs even if roadside tire repairs are necessary.

The website’s user-friendly nature provides users with more efficient access to PressureGuard replacement parts, where PressureGuard’s robust replacement parts are compatible and available for competitive tire inflation systems.