Navistar releases ProStar ES fuel efficiency package for the Canadian market

Navistar has introduced a fuel efficiency package for its ProStar ES specifically for the Canadian market which requires the ability to operate up to 110,000 GCWR.

International Truck announces the availability of an additional fuel efficiency package for the International ProStar ES designed for the Canadian market with their need to operate up to 110,000 gross combined weight rating (GCWR). First introduced in December 2014, the ProStar ES, short for "efficiency specification," features industry-leading aerodynamics and powertrain/transmission combinations, and a number of other advanced technologies.

"We are committed to technology, innovation, tools and services that deliver industry-leading uptime and low total cost of ownership," says Bill Kozek, President Truck and Parts, Navistar. "The ProStar ES continues to leverage the latest advancements and has established a reputation in the industry for being one of the most fuel efficient, highest quality trucks on the road."

This new International ProStar ES spec features:

  • The lowest wind averaged drag coefficient in the industry. Its supremacy in crosswinds makes it one of the most aerodynamic tractors, in real-world conditions, on the road today 
  • Eaton 16-speed UltraShift PLUS LSE which pairs the Cummins ISX15, as well as Navistar's proprietary 13-liter engine 
  • XFE 75W-90 axle lubricant (available on the ISX15 and the N13), a new and innovative fuel efficient lubricant that reduces friction and spin losses, improves durability and drives further fuel efficiency improvements

"The launch of the ProStar ES in late 2014 generated a lot of interest in Canada, but the 80,000 pound GCWR limited its appeal, as many Canadian fleets want the flexibility up to run 110,000 pounds and still achieve outstanding fuel economy," says Mark Belisle, President, Navistar Canada. "The ES 110 is the result of close collaboration among engineers at Navistar and key component suppliers like Cummins and Eaton, to quickly respond to customer needs and develop a solution for the Canadian market."

This new ProStar ES spec is available for order today and will be in production this spring. The International ProStar ES will be on display this week at the International Truck booth (4215) at ExpoCam in Montreal, Quebec.