Poclain announces rebranding of company during INTERMAT 2015

Poclain Hydraulics announced at INTERMAT its group of companies will now fall under the name Poclain to better unify the expertise of its subsidiaries into a singular brand name.

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Jpeg Logo Poclain Hydraulics

Poclain Hydraulics announces it has opted to bring back rebrand its group under the name Poclain in accordance with its 30th anniversary. 

The eight decades spanning the start of Poclain with its excavators and today's Poclain Hydraulics, world leader in hydrostatic transmissions, constitute an extraordinary industrial saga that has marked the global industrial landscape.

Still proudly bearing its reputation for robustness and innovation, the Poclain Hydraulics Group is now present in over 20 countries, with 10 production plants and 2,000 employees all over the world. After three decades of strong growth, Poclain Hydraulics' new logo is a reminder that the group has not forgotten where it came from, firmly reasserting the deep-rooted values that have always governed it.

While there are no plans to go back to making hydraulic excavators, this healthy growth, driven by the increasing diversification of the company's target markets, calls for one unifying, evocative name for all, to represent the whole range of expertise.

Thus, the name of the group becomes Poclain and will gather the following brands:

  • Poclain Hydraulics, encompassing all the traditional activities of design, manufacturing and sales of hydrostatic transmissions for “off-road” and heavy commercial trucks with its on-demand additional hydrostatic transmission.
  • Poclain Véhicules, which acts as a partner and sub-contractor in vehicle conversion, the sale of integration kits, and the manufacturing of specialist vehicles. Poclain Véhicules will have two sites in France: one in Étupes (formerly FAM Automobiles) specialized in vehicle conversion, the other in Amilly (formerly TORK Engineering) specialized in vehicle design and the manufacturing of specialist parts.
  • Poclain Powertrain, new subsidiary of the group created in 2013, dedicated to the passenger cars market in its development of an exclusive hydraulic all-wheel drive system that enables any 4x2 passenger vehicle to benefit from additional traction in case of need (mud, snow, sand, etc.).

The Poclain DNA is still present: of innovation, international expansion, independence and, of course, the men and women around the world who contribute every day to the destiny of a major French industrial company serving customers all over the world.