Volvo Trucks releases FMX with I-Shift transmission for severe-duty applications

During INTERMAT 2015, Volvo Trucks launched the latest version of its FMX truck which features the I-Shift transmission for hilly and rough conditions.

I-Shift gearbox
I-Shift gearbox
Volvo Iron Mark New Rgb

The second-generation Volvo FMX was revealed in 2013. It brings efficient and safe construction work into a new dimension with a super-robust exterior, an ergonomically sound interior and ground-breaking technology that makes the driver's job both easier and more efficient. The latest development is the new I-Shift for severe-duty applications, a transmission tailor-made for very hilly and very rough conditions.

"The second-generation Volvo FMX took a huge step forward in all the most important areas – robustness, handling and design. Everything developed with the driver in focus," says Ricard Fritz, Vice President, Volvo Trucks Brand.

Super-robust exterior

The cab is made of high-tensile steel, which has been tested according to the world's most stringent safety norms in order to ensure the safest working environment possible.

The three-piece bumper is an excellent example of the robust and durable design. The elastic, polypropylene-coated center section is flanked by two separate, sturdy corners, made of 3 mm thick steel. Above the bumper there is a towing eye made of cast iron, designed to handle a massive 32 tonnes.

Superior visibility and ergonomic interior

The cab's low position relative to the chassis offers convenient entry and exit as well as superior close-up visibility. This reduces the risk of vehicle damage and improves safety for people working in close proximity to the truck.

The cab interior gives the driver a comfortable and ergonomic workplace. The steering wheel is equipped with integrated controls for multiple functions. The instrument panel, which is angled towards the driver, offers a logical layout with all buttons, controls and functions within easy reach.

The Volvo FMX Euro 6 is also available with an air-suspended crew cab that seats six people.

Volvo Dynamic Steering – effortless construction driving

The ground-breaking Volvo Dynamic Steering system benefits all drivers, but its advantages are most noticeable when driving at low speeds. The effortless steering makes the construction truck driver's job far easier.

An electronically controlled electric motor attached to the steering gear replaces the driver's muscle-power at low speeds. The driver can relax and steer without any effort or strain.

I-Shift transmission for extreme conditions

The automated Volvo I-Shift transmission, which is highly efficient when manoeuvring at low speeds, can be combined with a driven front axle that delivers increased off-road capability and endurance. The driven front axle is located in the same position as a non-driven front axle. The shorter front overhang means that the approach angle has increased.

The latest development is the new I-Shift for severe-duty applications. This makes it suitable for very heavy transports in operating conditions with complicated maneuvering and steep gradients up to 20 degrees. I-Shift for severe duty applications has reinforced components compared with the standard version.

Rear air suspension

The chassis and driveline features focus on enhanced productivity.

The air suspension, which is tailormade for construction work, features automatic ride-height control, and ground clearance of 300 mm gives excellent get-you-there ability. Fitting the anti-roll bar in the bogie gives added stability. At the same time there are no unprotected suspension components behind the truck's last axle.

To create a tighter turning circle and reduced tyre wear, it is possible to specify the 8x4 configuration with Tridem bogie with a hydraulically steered tag axle.

Available with 11- and 13-liter engines

The Volvo FMX is available with a choice of 11- and 13-liter Euro 6 engines. The D13 has power outputs from 420 to 540 hp, while the D11 spans the range from 330 to 450 hp. For markets outside Europe, engines adapted for Euro 3, Euro 4 and Euro 5 are available.