Lightning Hybrids opens UK subsidiary

Lightning Hybrids has established a UK subsidiary as part of its efforts to expand further across the global market.

Colorado-based manufacturer of hybrid systems that transform buses and trucks in urban environments into cleaner, more efficient vehicles announced the opening of its offices in the UK. Tim Sherwood, Managing Director of International Business, will direct the initiative to expand the Lightning Hybrids technology with commercial and municipal customers outside the U.S. Lightning Hybrids’ new UK office will be the hub for customer development, supply chain fulfillment and employee growth across the UK, Europe and India.

The company’s first hybrid systems in the UK were delivered and installed in April and went on the road the week of April 20 in two large local fleets.

“Expansion into the UK is a key strategic goal for Lightning Hybrids because of the high prices of fuel outside North America as well as the greater emphasis on reduction of vehicle emissions to address smog concerns,” says Sherwood. “Our product will help fleets by providing 20 to 35% better fuel efficiency and 50% or greater reduction in NOx, the primary ingredient of smog. I personally am thrilled to be here and look forward to positioning the company and our innovative product as a must-have for fleets throughout the UK and beyond.”

The advance is fueled in part by an investment from UK-based Castrol innoVentures, Castrol’s venture and innovation arm, as well as from Factor(E), the venture development firm affiliated with Shell Foundation and Colorado State University.

Morgan DeFoort, Factor(E)’s CEO states, "Trucks and buses are some of the biggest and fastest growing contributors to urban carbon emissions. Lightning Hybrids has a durable technology that can be easily installed on existing or new vehicles in fleets around the world. They are well positioned to have immediate and lasting positive impact on the emissions and fuel consumption of fleets."

“Performance and innovation that respect the environment are key drivers for our company,” says Jon Salkeld, Technology Director, Castrol innoVentures. “Supporting innovative automotive research and manufacturing companies like Lightning Hybrids is an important aspect of our future; nurturing the next generation of engineering that supports greater fuel efficiency and helping us define future products.”

Lighting Hybrid’s UK registered office is located in the Isosceles Inward Investment Incubator near London’s Heathrow Airport. Lightning Hybrids is setting up a series of satellite offices and service partners to help support customers in other areas as well.