Dana’s Spicer Central Tire Inflation System now available for manufacturer field testing

At Agritechnica 2015, Dana announced its CTIS is now fully developed and available for field testing by agricultural equipment OEMs.

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At Agritechnica 2015, Dana Holding Corporation announced that the company’s Spicer rapid inflate/deflate central tire inflation system (CTIS) is now fully developed and available for field testing by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) of tractors, combines, forage harvesters and other agricultural equipment.

Engineered for use on Spicer axles, as well as axles and transaxles from other manufacturers, the Spicer CTIS offers distinct advantages over competing tire management systems on the market today. To minimize downtime and get machines back to work faster, the system features rapid inflate/deflate functionality as well as the ability to perform adjustments from within the cab or remotely while the machine is moving. The pressure in each tire can be set independently to a different level. Additionally, the system’s highly integrated design eliminates the need for vulnerable external piping around mud guards, and it packages within existing overall axle dimensions without adding external components.

By adjusting tire pressure to provide an optimum tire footprint, the Spicer CTIS maximizes mobility at the touch of a button on any given terrain – extending tire life, decreasing fuel consumption, reducing soil compaction and improving vehicle stability during on-road transport.

By linking with common vehicle communication protocols and telematics systems, Spicer CTIS delivers useful, actionable insights. In the event of a tire leak, for example, the Spicer CTIS issues an alert and automatically switches the system to emergency mode, which starts a continuous flow of air to the affected tire until the operator can move the vehicle to safety.

The Spicer CTIS features a flexible design that can be adapted to Spicer or competing drivetrains, multiple vehicle configurations, as well as aftermarket retrofitting, depending on the requested performance.

“Optimizing yield and minimizing operating costs is critically important for the success of agricultural producers, so it is vital for equipment to remain fully operational and adaptable to prevailing working conditions,” says Aziz Aghili, President of Dana Off-Highway Driveline Technologies. “Dana’s CTIS technology delivers the correct tire pressure on demand through a robust, fully integrated system that performs reliably and enables farmers to get the most of their equipment.”

Dana will showcase Spicer CTIS technology in hall 17, stand C22.