New Fendt Grip Assistant ensures operators set correct tire pressure for tractors

At Agritechnica, Fendt introduced its Grip Assistant technology for the 1000 Vario Series tractors which helps operators ensure they set the correct ballast and tire pressure.

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The right tire pressure is a topic that AGCO/Fendt has been pursuing for a long time. With VarioGrip, Fendt is the only manufacturer up to now that offers a fully integrated tire pressure regulation system directly from the factory. To assist professional farmers, contractors and machine operators in choosing the right ballast and setting the correct tire pressure, Fendt has now developed a new assistance system for the 1000 Vario Series. The new Fendt Grip Assistant was presented to the public for the first time at Agritechnica 2015.

Studies in practice show that tractors tend to carry too much ballast, because operators have no access to information about the dynamic axle loads during field operations with implements and there is a tendency to add too much ballast in cases of doubt in complex agricultural environments, just to be on the sure side. That increases rolling resistance in the field, the soil is compacted and excess weight must be moved when driving on the road. In terms of tire pressure settings, common pressure tables, operating manuals or apps can only treat the concrete field operation and the various implements in a very general way. Even experienced machine operators quickly reach the limit when making settings according to feel and do not completely exploit the potential of their tractors.

The Fendt Grip Assistant, a practical and intelligent assistance system that is seamlessly integrated in the Varioterminal, was developed as a solution to these challenges. Stored expert knowledge combined with intelligent algorithms and dynamic simulation models, which are adapted to the Fendt 1000 Vario and its implement spectrum, assist the operator in choosing the right ballast and setting the right tire pressure. In just a few, clear input steps, such as selecting the hitch type (swinging, low hitch, etc.), operating conditions (light, normal, heavy), tires (manufacturer and dimension) as well as the type of implement (plough, disc harrow, etc.), the operator can have Fendt Grip Assistant quickly determine the desired parameters.

To be able to react flexibly to the different working situations in practice, two different operating modes have been developed: SpeedSelect and BallastSelect.


Operators who can plan their operation in advance and configure their machine in the farmyard select the SpeedSelect mode. After entering basic data, such as the targeted working speed for the process, the Grip Assistant determines the optimal ballast for the tractor, as well as the tire pressure that should be preset. The recommended tire pressure can be transferred to the VarioGrip tire pressure regulation system and regulated directly in the terminal.


The BallastSelect mode comes into play when the ballasting situation is given, e.g. because the machine is already in the field or the weights cannot be changed for other reasons. The Fendt Grip Assistant then calculates the optimal tire pressure based on the specified basic data and the selected ballasting situation, and provides a recommendation for a beneficial working speed range.

Adapted ballasting and correct tire pressure are decisive variables in minimising power loss due to slip and rolling resistance. This permits the performance of a tractor to be fully exploited and reduces fuel consumption. Particularly in connection with the variable four-wheel drive of the new Fendt 1000 Vario Series, the Grip Assistant creates perfect conditions for delivering the power of the machine to the ground efficiently and gently. 

The Fendt Grip Assistant will be launched in the market with the Fendt 1000 Vario Series.