MAN Develops TGS 8x2-6 Type Vehicle with Triple-Axle Configuration for Disposal Applications

MAN's triple-axle configuration provides increased payload to the chassis for improved maneuverability and reduced tire wear compared to the traditional 6x2 axle configuration.

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At the world's leading trade fair for environmental technology, IFAT 2016, the disposal specialist Remondis has accepted the first Euro 6 chassis of the TGS 32.360 8x2-6 type from MAN.

Remondis Board Member Egbert Tölle and Purchasing Manager Josef Holtermann were given the symbolic key for the new addition to Remondis' fleet of vehicles from MAN Truck & Bus Executive Board Member for Sales and Marketing Heinz-Jürgen Löw and Martin Zaindl, Head of German Regional Sales Southeast for Trucks. The powerful 360 hp four-axle vehicle with specially developed MAN TipMatic ASF automated transmission will be put into service with a rear loader waste collection superstructure at the Remondis branch office in Oberhausen.

The axle configuration of the 8x2-6 type features the special rear axle configuration with a steered pusher axle and a steered tag axle in addition to the driving axle. This triple axis variant, which is increasingly in demand in the disposal industry, provides increased payload to the chassis with high maneuverability and reduced tire wear in comparison with the classic 6x2 axle configuration. This predestines the 8x2-6 in particular for waste collection operation where high payload reserves in the rear axle area are a key technological requirement. This is a real advantage, for example, when emptying organic waste collection bins as a cubic meter of organic waste weighs more than a cubic meter of household waste or recycling. When used in the disposal sector, the higher rear axle payload generally enables better area coverage each time, which reduces the number of journeys and results in environmental benefits, as well as saving time.

Another advantage of the new MAN 8x2-6 axle configuration is its availability ex-works. Complex and cost-intensive additional adjustment work is not required, also the vehicle can go directly from the production line to the body builder without delay.