TII Group Exhibiting Compact Road Transport Vehicles at IAA Commercial Vehicles 2016

Among the vehicles TII Group will exhibit is the SCHEUERLE EuroAxle featuring maintenance-free axle technology and reduced axle weight, as well as the KAMAG emissions-free E-Wiesel.


“Quality on wheels” is the TII Group's motto at this year's IAA Commercial Vehicles. The show is being held from September 22-29, 2016 in Hanover. They are lightweight. They are versatile. And can be modified for every conceivable transport job. The TII Group's compact vehicles for road transport are the perfect supplement to the firm's broad product range. The TII Group is presenting these vehicles outside at the IAA in the open-air section M52. Two are particularly eye-catching: The SCHEUERLE EuroAxle and the SCHEUERLE-NICOLAS EuroCompact.

Worldwide, 70% of all transports over 3,000 tonnes and 90% of all transports over 5,000 tonnes are executed with vehicles from this corporate group. A group as significant as this to the market would never miss the IAA Commercial Vehicles show. Increasing numbers of firms are also coming to rely on TII Group transporters for on-road work. The SCHEUERLE EuroAxle and SCHEUERLE-NICOLAS EuroCompact are two all-rounders on show from the group's broad range of vehicles for road transport.

The TII Group is showing off a very special vehicle in the SCHEUERLE EuroAxle at the IAA 2016. It is fitted with maintenance-free axle technology. True to the motto “Designed for a lifetime,” the SCHEUERLE EuroAxle wholly redefines axle technology. With patented independent suspension, it boasts the lightest axle on the market and a simplicity that shines through. Pipework has been used for all the support hydraulics with no hydraulic hoses running into the supports. The vehicles sets new standards in terms of its payload/tare weight ratio. The unsprung mass of below 300 kg per axle is somewhat lighter than the unsprung mass of an air suspension axle – which minimizes wear. Other advantages for commercial use of the vehicle: high ground clearance, no change in track width when adjusting height in combination with optimized steering geometry – this minimizes tire wear and results in high profitability for the user. It can be configured for multiple load situations thanks to its telescopic centre beam and lateral widening. The SCHEURLE EuroAxle can be expanded with modular elements. This facilitates simple adaptation to the required transport task.

The SCHEUERLE-NICOLAS EuroCompact comes from the same series. It is ideally suited to heavy load transports by road. The semi-modular platform trailer is often used in the construction industry to move industrial and construction machinery. It can handle loads of more than 100 tonnes. Thanks to its gooseneck coupling moved between the first line of axles on the dolly, the vehicle is much more compact than its competitors. In comparison to the competition, the unusually compact design allows for the maximum possible load area with the same overall vehicle length. As a result, the vehicle has excellent manoeuvrability in conjunction with the optimised steering geometry. The design of the rear trailer unit incorporates the shape of a particularly wide and distinctive v-shaped recess. This enables the SCHEUERLE-NICOLAS EuroCompact to move extremely wide and high excavator arms. The vehicle also stands out due to its exceptionally low tare weight. The SCHEUERLE-NICOLAS EuroCompact from the TII Group covers a broad range of load situations with a unique type of vehicle. Customers can create the best possible combination thanks to the large choice of dollies, extra axle units and platform trailers. Different axle line numbers and permitted axle loads are available to suit every need.

It's not just in the outside area that the TII Group is demonstrating its leading position. The E-Wiesel Zero Emission by KAMAG will be introduced several times on the day on the IAA innovation stage “New Mobility World LIVE.” The vehicle proves: anyone transporting with TII vehicles is a revolutionary. It is being showcased as the innovation of the future for the logistics industry. The vehicle is the solution for emission-free swap body handling. The firm has set a milestone for new drive concepts in the logistics industry with the E-Wiesel.