Oerlikon Debuting new ATV Differential Unit at IAA Commercial Vehicles

In addition to debuting its new ATV differential unit, Oerlikon will exhibit its latest electric and hybrid transmissions and an inverted portal axle for low floor city buses.

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Oerlikon Drive Systems, under its Oerlikon Graziano brand, will showcase its extensive drivetrain capability at IAA Commercial Vehicles in Hanover, September 22-29. The latest electric and hybrid transmissions, an inverted portal axle for low floor city buses, high performance transmission components and shifting solutions expertise will be displayed at Booth A29, Hall 13 throughout the show. The driveline specialist
will also debut its new ATV differential unit in a demonstrator vehicle.

Oerlikon Drive Systems aim is to demonstrate the diversity of technology at IAA Commercial Vehicles and its commitment towards improving efficiency, reducing emissions and enhancing performance, without passing unnecessary costs on to manufacturers. This event, the largest trade show of its type in the world, is the perfect opportunity to showcase Oerlikon Drive Systems’ complete range of commercial vehicle powertrain solutions to the widest possible audience.

Oerlikon Drive Systems’ new ATV (all-terrain vehicle) differential unit is fitted to a demonstrator vehicle for the first time at IAA Hanover. The vehicle, Defender HD8, is able to benefit from Oerlikon Graziano’s know-how in terms of design, develop and complete tests generated and strengthened in two decades of experience.

As a demonstration of Oerlikon Drive Systems’ hybrid and electric transmission technology capability, the company will be showing its OGeco and two- and four-speed eletric drives (2SED, 4SED). OGeco is a hybrid transmission originally developed for performance car use, which has now been adapted for commercial vehicle applications. 2SED and 4SED are multi-speed electric drives that can provide motive
power for an electric minivan and light commercial vehicles, improving efficiency and reducing reliance on internal combustion engines. The third technology on display is a highly efficient inline epicyclic transmission, FUSO, which is developed for light commercial vehicle use.

The inverted portal axle for low floor city buses up to 13 T is of modular design, suitable for twin- or single-tire applications and featuring an optional ‘dead axle’ for articulated vehicles. It offers the benefit of reduced noise levels thanks to innovative technologies and manufacturing techniques, such as side gear cases with power-split concept and four helical gears per axle side. The unit is available with disc or drum brakes and offers easy maintenance and serviceability.